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Green · lakeside garden

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Green · lakeside garden is located in face of northwest of government of Xiao Shan district, cover an area of a face to accumulate many mus 260, total floor area 30 more than square metre. Base shows rectangle, north relies on boreal pond river, river of Beijing University riverside comes south, aid civilian river is overlooked east, the young road in the program reachs on the west, 3 by natural river encircle, form natural urban peninsula. Community plans to the city discharges apartment of foreign room of house, garden, high level, the cubage of 1.63 is led, afforest rate amounts to 38% above, building density under 25% . This project builds design office to chair a program to design by Zhen Wei of world-famous Hong Kong Deng, use boreal Gao Na's low artistic technique, of the open sex that the building span of over-distance assured a vision and landscape line of sight connect fully. International of shellfish Er Gao Lin (Hong Kong) landscape design firm carries program gardens art is designed, draw lessons from the design style of flower type gardens, combine feature of gardens of scene of water of Changjiang Delta tradition, word of ” of atmospheric “ king water system, at the same time gardens of scene of water of zoology of 1500 meters of yellow Jin Shuian, 10000 more than square makes resident enjoys true close water to live.

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