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Artistic Qian Tang

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Artistic Qian Tang monarchs alone float meeting place and healthy theme are met a two big themes meeting place, considered adequately practical, share a gender, all good sex and convenience sex. What extensive can be located in layer of built on stilts of building of 12# , 13# , 14# , 15# . Set the establishment such as center of room of card of tea of recreational coffee language, washhouse, chess, homemaking, provide convenient life form a complete set for owner. What healthy theme can be located in side of Jing Xi of water of Jiang Hui road, between big greenbelt between 7# and 11# building, housetop sets pool of paddle of swimming-pool of rice of 25 meters of X20, children, underground installs gym. Landscape swimming-pool: The life theme that artistic Qian Tang advocates “ sunshine, motion, recreational, healthy ” , community ad hoc committee swimming-pool of a landscape, swim the pool surrounds for shade of a tree, have a good swim in charactizing a fine spring day among them. Wooden a plank road built along a cliff: Winding and labyrinthian wooden path a covered corridor or walk, idle front courtyard strolls. Drought ice stadium: Motion is the youth's patent not merely. Recreational square: One of artistic community centers, public construction and be in harmony of outdoors and artificial landscape are square an organic whole. Tennis court: Tennis court of ad hoc standard, idle pats libertinism with brandish of family, good friend in one's leisure time. Adventure playground: Introduce children activity establishment, safe and rich fun.

Artistic Qian Tang tightens center of class of Lin Binjiang trifling, with bank square of building of river area government, citizen, bank in the center of river area business affairs area (shopping mall of commerce of south bank of CBD) , Qianjiang (starlight highway) , center of recreational sports fitness (in the program) , large supermarket (in the program) only the Yao of one pace. Wen Tao elementary school, always make 9 years school of Changjiang Delta experiment already recruit students is in nearly very close, circumjacent hospital (the river hospital of the armed police) , garden of a person of extraordinary powers of nursery school of city of bank, bend, Changjiang Delta the municipal form a complete set such as the free market of agricultural products is complete.