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Gold of west lake of triumphant favour ·

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The city zone: Go up the city zone

Building dish category: Hotel of property right type

Open quotation time: 2005.12.22

All valence: All valence 18000 yuan / smooth rice (it is with price of house property merchant accurate)

Develop business: Estate of Hangzhou violet brilliant develops limited company

Building dish address: Emancipatory road 131

Kane gold of · west lake effect graph

Reveal a center:

Honoured guest hot line - 0571-28932908/28932928 Hangzhou spot reveals - Hangzhou city liberates a road 131 Kane gold of · west lake: Luxurious business affairs of type of property right of 5 stars class, recreational hotel, content exceeds a value, purchaser has absolute property right, by international famous public house manages a company to consolidate management, what be in harmony collects 10 years of 7.8 % to secure redound and 100 % is exalted, will obtain at the same time give annual 15 days can travel in home the rights and interests that formula of swap of implementation of hotel of urban property right enters freely. The stability that the commercial bank assures manages redound and potential of great property rise in value, it is the optimal choice that you invest conduct financial transactions; International serves character first-rate, those who let you is recreational go vacationing the life, all enjoy the homage treatment of guests feel at home!

10 great value:

1. liberates the purple blessing location on the road

2. is faced on the west child renown lake, receive river lane ancient street, wind of day of Wu Shan of look into the distance from a high place, cabinet of look up town god

3. country changes the exalted service of 5 stars class, enter unprecedented good life

Old public house of type of 4. property right, annual of as famous as home public house 15 days change type freely to be entered

5. enters a high-quality goods to decorate, building materials of green environmental protection, intelligence of international high end changes configuration

6. is luxurious carry coffee of old hall, theme high, center of dining-room of characteristic Chinese and Western, gym, sauna

7. is enjoyed without the top 4 big themes are met, and all privilege of the hotel serve

8. assistant of your conduct financial transactions, year of redound of 7.8% and of 100% exalted, take the investment pattern of lease

Hangzhou is had all round 9. network of each mainstay road is densely covered, more than 20 public transportation circuitry

10. sits embrace flourishing, all of establishment of recreation of the school, hospital, station, bazaar, supermarket, hotel is provided complete.