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Day yuan 2005

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Landscape, it is the state of mind that fills poetic flavour!
Day yuan 2005 emphasize “ person this ” concept, the landscape design of whole village introduces with landscape path, with the center big garden is core, in boreal side edge design of bank of canal of 6 rivers and canals lies fallow to be taken on foot, provided the space with recreational activity not only, also abounded the careful aesthetic feeling on the vision to suffer, one is formed in whole village successive, the landscape system with rich and diverse arrangement of ideas.

The afforest inside the village acts on “ humanness and the principle of green ” , grade is gone after in gout, with strewn at random build administrative levels, pay attention to union of activity, soft hard look, emphasized seasonal, spatio-temporal commutation and landscape folding changed feeling. Apply a curve in great quantities, reach open line of sight to be surrounded outwards through pavement road permeate, the behavior scene of building, water, afforest and person is mutual and shirt-sleeve, form the outdoors activity space of large area, it is a purpose with satisfying a vision to enjoy not just, more participate in gender and interactive sex with what the measure that human nature turns realizes landscape. Do not have specific limits to limit as a result of central landscape area at the same time, do not have keep out to be surrounded outwards through what pavement reachs the line of sight however permeate, make sure every dweller inside the village all has the right that enjoys the beautiful scenery inside the area.

Demon unreal space explains LOFT new definition!
“ day yuan 2005·LOFT” unit area is 51.67 square metre about - 56.45 square metre, carry tall 4. 8 meters, rice of bizygomatic breadth 4.05~4.5, make sunshine and mood straightway. Outside be being secured except kitchen, toilet, whole and indoor without partition, the peculiar lofty and agile, large and free space that can recombine solution compose breaks the pattern of traditional residence space, offerred a possibility for individual character of habitant make public. “ day yuan the freeboard layer of 2005·LOFT” is tall, let owner enjoy double entry space on smooth layer price, realize double great profit of the space to use, the 50 usable floor area of smooth rice are achieved 70 Duopingmi, think of in the spirit of a dab hand of stylist below, arrive from one room two rooms till 2 rooms 2 hall. Lone noble, bound of 2 the world, 3 home, form of life of avery kind of can find the most perfect explanatory note here.

Day yuan LOFT invites Taiwan the say interior space stylist that famous element has ” of “ space charmer----Mr Shi Naqiao kisses force to be in person, the biggest life easy is created inside delicate space measurable, with elegance, fashionable building pattern affects the life. Shi Naqiao is to come from the famous space of Taiwan to design artistic Great Master, be in new York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai. . . . . , finished countless dimensional craft to be created again, the person that become the faithful practice of dimensional craft, be by what industry says ” of “ space charmer, its delicate, contracted design style is the best annotate of LOFT product.
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