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Day yuan 2005

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Day yuan 2005, lay the humanitarian community of sanded city center
Day yuan 2005, east look into the distance from a high place the money pond great river of the of great momentum, center of developing zone administration is opened on the west, north depends on the high-tech garden area in the program, next sanded capacious hinterland look south, be located in Hangzhou to issue Sha Cheng to greet guest highway (6 aves) south, of 19 aves on the west, rank the geographical center that leaves Sha Xincheng, we inspect our to be next sanded 0 coordinate, probably people still perceives hard now its meaning, after several years turn one's head, the meaning that can discover it exceeded the value of a concept far.

Door model, the everybody that is natural and graceful wind model!
The house lives with a future life, we do not need to be decorated costlily richly, hope each space of the home is having only those who make a person gratified is carefree with warmth. Those who let the home become character and culture is outspread, composed and solid immanent, agile dimensional layout, more the life that makes person freedom happy.

Day yuan 2005, door model floor area from 95 to 170 square metre, give priority to force door with 120 square metre model, satisfying comfortable sex and functional sex requirement while, pair of clever still cloakroom, porch, store undertook be conceived meticulously and discharging cloth between content. Every all have the room austral face of two occasional above, assured a good landscape, domestic home good head.

Surround close, it is warmth blends harmoniously!
Day yuan 2005, integral building space is adopted surround close position, follow the principle that change seeks in order, high level of two board type is decorated in direction of plot north and south, side designs two high levels that choose form on the west, rock-bottom built on stilts, discretion is strewn at random those who form building height curve base achieve, implementation “ is surrounded and the dimensional effect of disagreement ” . The space that abounded vista already so establishs effect of body visual sense, also facilitate river scene is permeated to village interior. Form the recreational space with a rich administrative levels at the same time, make the person produces attributive move.

Human nature changes measure to provide a variety of outdoors spaces, contented morning practice, have a rest, take a walk, a variety of outdoors activity need such as amuse oneself, association. Early morning, in practice of central greenbelt morning, roam in the atmosphere of oxygen boosting; Afternoon, flow to issue even Yu Shuyin, enjoy the life experience that does not have pressure; Day yuan of 2005 surround close position, minute of peaceful that enjoys nature is filled in letting the environment that people sees a new world in this, experience domestic warmth.

Curve, it is the imagination with light elegant spirit!
Day yuan 2005, 100 thousand ㎡ builds system capacity, famous stylist is elaborate carve, use bit of type and position of choiceness of board type high level, design of hollow, built on stilts makes community is connected fully resonant. Establish a range deft and pure and fresh elegance, clever, bedplate of the balcony, window and air conditioning seat number undertake curve is handled, coping is applied wave board, form organic stereo echo with landscape line.
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