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Amorous feelings of Hua Li Sir · is located in day of eye hill road 02 provinces on the west boreal side, the idle forest that travel takes one of heart on the west is pressed down, government of idle forest town is inclined on, be apart from square of downtown Wu Lin 18 kilometers, from weather eye hill Lu Huanglong sports center sets out, car Cheng needs more than minutes 20 only.

The project has urban landscape greenbelt along 02 provinces path, back ” of garden of zoology of a region of rivers and lakes of other people of idle forest of the “ in 3000 mus of programs. Always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 521 mus, total floor area makes an appointment with 300 thousand square metre.

Amorous feelings of Hua Li Sir · is foreign room of low density garden, basically comprise by the apartment of 4-6F. Rate of garden area afforest is as high as 35% above, with periphery green meaning be in harmony is an organic whole, be just as enchase in beauty big city the bright phearl of a bright on the west.

Design of building of amorous feelings of Hua Li Sir · is contracted and pure and fresh, reflect athletic beauty everywhere. Establish a range contemporary and contracted, structural frame is deft, with concise and straightforward style piece the architrave that modelling replaces heavy and complicated to overlap, show pure and fresh contemporary style. Deserve to compare in colorific on, basically use the color such as orange, green ash to fasten collocation, undertake allocating through pure and fresh, lively color, in order to produce different visual result, lively, clear, rich appeal.

In architectural detail, amorous feelings of Hua Li Sir · , every unit entrance all was designed outside entrance of the sunshine that carry type is vestibular, the space is commodious, measure is delightful, the space of elegant light is decorated, walk into a door, come home sunshine and belt of good intention affection. The design of the balcony criterion door door at least double balcony of north and south, more letting a person can be walked out of from inside the home outdoors, induct cool breeze, bath sunshine. The design of windowsill is rich diversity more, low windowsill, bay window, wave a variety of rich configuration such as window, corner window, panoramic French window are seen everywhere, broad, connect fully, in introducing nature the home as far as possible.

Additional, the ground floor of amorous feelings of Hua Li Sir · and top layer still designed garden and individual character gazebo technically respectively, make the illicit home garden that rock-bottom garden makes you, or the have a rest below booth, or raise a flower to stroke grass. Carry the gazebo of an individuation on the head, slope makes the same score alternate with, the line of sight is rich, be resident carrying a layer on the head is particular enjoy, can take view of scan widely all directions, but leisure barbecue will be friendly, its are happy boundless.
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