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Chunjiang of green city · spends a month

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Chun Jiangchao water connects the bright moon on Hai Pinghai in all tide is unripe

· Chun Jianghua month is located in green city revive south Hangzhou city the edge river region of the area, the Jiang Lu of money pond river bank is faced south, north leans money river way, yao Jiang Lu is depended on east, road of river of Xi Linfei cloud. Area inland look is open, face river draw near hill, environment is advantaged. · Chunjiang spends green city month of total floor area about 480 thousand square metre. Garden area is spread by place of peace conference of apartment of landscape of the small high level of 33 10-28 layer, high level, business reach of all kinds life to serve establishment to comprise. Distinguish field 3 period development construction, center of wind of first phase, 2 period dawn, fragrant pasture center is already successful consign; 3 period the center that mirror glow and Xiao Xiangyuan form a delegation twice to be being built smoothly.

· Chunjiang spends green city the month is the example work that ” of times of “ Qian Tangjiang faces river landscape residence, money pond river bank a lasting scenery line.

Of Zhang Re empty " Chun Jianghua is moonlight " be passed to sing by people through the ages. Today, green city spends the building canto of moonlight ” with the “ Chunjiang of humanism ideal describe, same scene is uncommon, fascinating.

Program of whole of · Chun Jianghua month shows green city quit table position, before the building low hind tall, far mix with hill, kiss with water nearly. Build style reservation, compact, the face stands to present the beauty that gives contracted tune outside. Building detail, also undertook meticulous processing like the respect such as line of conduit of air conditioning seat number, fluctuation. As Jiang Jinglou dish, chun Jianghua month looks in oneself river while, also make Jiang Jing's component.

Landscape of · Chun Jianghua month builds green wall strive offers to be far from the oasis with blatant city for owner. Jiang Shuyuan is with perforative from beginning to end greenery flower corridor gives priority to a line and with central greenbelt echo, configured game of square of garden of stage of orchard, booth, floret, fountain, children on the way the landscape space of the rich diversity such as area and artificial chute. Lunar corona center is used form a delegation an arc plot, stressed curvilinear application, on any account is strewn at random, right and wrong has send. Form a delegation the center set mist garden and central water condition. · Chunjiang spends green city month of rock-bottom and all built on stilts of each house, 3.9 meters tall, it is an organic whole with circumjacent environment be in harmony, offer for owner fully, the space of communal have a rest of happy person.