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City of watermark of float of brigade 遊·

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[Prelusive] 點 is bright the impression that you live

○ early morning is greeted write vernal 陽 light my 們 開 only then a day of job in city, in the white Queen of heaven with 經 quick, busy 過 , 駕writes the 轎 車 of heart 愛 , my 們 開 only then the way home, the 車 that wear 過 flows, span 4 橋 , the 現 of smooth float of south bank 風 of fawn on of 燦 爛 嫵 is before my 們 , the window 燈 of orange 黃 is how-to write my 們 the way home.

○ sits in look into the distance from a high place of 遠 of 欄 of the 憑on the 陽 臺 of guest 廳, bath is in the river 風 with soft 溫 . 這 is the life that my 們 認 is the same as, it is the life of 現 of my 們 實 more.

Ground of ○ 輕 輕 closes your eye, in 緩 of favour elegant easy " float watermark " note middle reaches goes, 讓 塵 seals the 記 憶 with long 許 to have dance lightly, the station blends in the 氣 breath of the river before the window, 黃 of gold of 與 of 藍seeing not care at all is below the 編 織 with 陽 smooth soft 溫 sadly border on, new moon of 陽 smooth 撲 is in river side, 爛 is overflowed so that 無 place depends on 從 , as if to catch 頭 of 長 day 盡 all the time, the 蟲 limb that like 寧 靜 get rid of shows, so thin that make a person cannot bear coagulate 視 , but want 輕 輕 to push 開 window 戶 only, my 們 擁 had everything- - 陽 light, 愛 and footloose 風. . . . . . 這 is the life taste 質 , the 嚮 that is the life more is gone to! Everything exhibits 請 將 這 in the 現 life in you, everything exhibits 請 將 這 現 is in your impression, everything exhibits 請 將 這 現 is in your honour 嚴 , city of watermark of brigade 遊· float, 執 writes Wu Shui's impression!

[開 act] core of 濱 river CBD is special 區

The life 讓 person of ○ south bank remembers five hundred " beautiful 麗 new world " in the calm 義 that 關 lives at freedom, 這 裡 bear 繼 writes Hangzhou not 來 , send 託 to write the ideal of my 們 , one 個 of 當 the company 區 with 個 acting 現 unplugs the ground and the true 實 that the 時 that rise awaits life 變 and 動 person, the world changes 變 before in my 們 .

內 of 區 of ○ 濱 river has write 軌 of 輕 of 運 of boat of river of 運 of road of empty 運 , 鐵, sea, 內 , highway, city to wait for traffic 條. Distance of 場 of 機 of 際 of 國 of hill of 蕭 of the Hangzhou that be apart from 離 17 kilometers, be apart from Shanghai harbor, 寧 wave harbor 100 much kilometers, the 連 that is the freeway such as 溫 of 臺 of Hang Yong, 滬 Hangzhou, Hangzhou 寧 , another name for Ningbo receives one of 帶 .

○ 錢 river 4 橋 : The 橋 bridge that 連 of 濱 river 區 receives 區 of city of Hangzhou north bank basically has 錢 river one 橋 , on the west 興 big 橋 (錢 river 3 橋 ) , the 復 興 big 橋 that connected 車 2004 (錢 river 4 橋 ) , one 帶 goes to 場 of 廣 of 從 Wu Lin 濱 river, the river in going up is worn high, river of 經 過 錢 3 橋 , want 鐘 left and right sides 20 minutes only commonly, and the 4 橋 將 that builds after is apart from 這 離 縮 is gotten shorter, 預 計 wants 鐘 left and right sides 15 minutes only. The 統 of public transportation department of 濱 river is very perfect also, at present 從 city 區 gives 發, have 337, 317, 527, 822 wait for river of 濱 of straight 達 of road of 6 條 public transportation 線 .
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