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Tian Yang. Palmy bay

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Course of study of nature in relief buy holds water oneself case, taking the concept that makes city mainstream residence all the time, build comfortable and reasonable living space for city mainstream crowd, advocate reason to buy a house, the person that buy a house for reason at the same time offers reasonable house.

Accordingly, from 2003 Tian Yang · is palmy since the bay comes out, implementing this one concept strictly all the time, from beginning to end with 90 more than square metre delicate 2 rooms and of 120 more than square metre comfortable 3 rooms give priority to force door model, cogent serve to have the multitude of strong demand to housing. Tian Yang · is palmy bay, be located in city north to mind a place of business, the core area of the “ north beautiful ” in big Hangzhou pattern piece. Rational residence the sale door 2 houses that all control for 96 square metre mix open quotation of this house of second Gong Yang the 3 houses that 124 square metre control, and be accomplished completely complete bright design, big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, short enter deep, such door model with logical indoor pattern, comfortable daylighting ventilated, suit two home and 3 household generally to live, just about the market is at present medium most popular door model, also be the example of rational residence.

Tian Yang · is palmy total floor area makes an appointment with the bay 30 more than square metre, it is community of large double water bank, in all cent period development. Community of first phase blue month makes a room already smoothly; 2 period mangrove bay community, total floor area is close 190 thousand square metre, cent is red Lin Ju, red Shi Ju, red shadow overflow resides Ju Hegong 4 form a delegation greatly, still have palmy Hua Ting additionally 4 composition that discharge house, at present house of only Gong Yang forms a delegation can make work; Community of bank of water of 3 period gold is 18 high-level residence entirely. The red overflow house of this second open quotation forms a delegation is Tian Yang · the final small high level in palmy bay formed a delegation, the person buy a house that loves small high level consequently is chased after hold in both hands. House of landscape advantage red overflow forms a delegation be located in on the west of pond river east bank, lean close closely on the west pond river water, left sit the natural river that has Shuibo to cool, bank uses method of bank of 2 class refute, a plank road built along a cliff of on the bank that be stationed in rainbow hundreds meters of wood follows a bank outspread, form the natural advantage of the the advantage of being in a favored position. Inside plot on the west pond river and Pan pond harbor are winding stream drip, air is fresh, the picture is attractive, belong to “ of Hangzhou city overall planning east move, Xi Jing, south the core area of beautiful ” of north of the “ in pattern of ” of show of new, north, resurgence piece. The area of city north Yu Hang that reposes inside Hangzhou city living planning area minds a place of business, proximate fine Zhu Wen turns planning area, cover an area of a face to accumulate nearly 300 mus or so, total floor area 300 thousand more than square metre, greenbelt is led 40% , the program is built exalted and multilayer apartment of apartment, small high level.
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