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Resurgence. Scene city garden

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Garden of city of resurgence · scene is located in development of estate of technology of high pay of Hangzhou of ” of “ heaven Silicon Valley, be in edifice of science and technology of river of Oriental communication edifice, money and Chinese metrology peacefully in the bosom of the courtyard. It is enjoyed already east according to academic road, Na Linwen 3 traffic uses line dominant position, avoid the trouble that gets the Che Ming stream of people that face a market and resides again. Come home when, of the city blatant and multifarious be replaced by the quiet delicate place of home, if suddenly returned the contemporary peach source that builds meticulously. Garden of city of resurgence · scene always covers an area of a face to accumulate 16200 square metre, mix 2 by 2 a high level, small high levels multilayer composition, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 42800 square metre, 300 other peoples will find to accord with contemporary household concept to get collective home here. Garden of city of resurgence · scene builds monomer 5 times to combine nature, on any account is strewn at random. So contracted that establish scale model to build a delicate elegance to get lasting appeal, window of be born landscape, outside protruding style is harmonious and Guan Jingyang stage, so smooth that protruding style attic design presents another artistic amorous feelings. Get special section thick and fast as industry of new and high forward position, get the job and life rhythm to get a level apparently quickly at this city from personnel of course of study. For this, garden of city of resurgence · scene plans to give 3500 square metre to get large zoology emerald green law court in garden area center, although be lain between with what busy streets veries close, but innovation gives disparate state, the extricate oneself in making insecurity works and the person that give, be able to be in horse of “ Che Chi suddenly the lamp just is troubled by, month of idle of ground static person beautifuls oneself in the beautiful artistic conception of ” fine taste life true meaning.