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Big China. Xi Xi amorous feelings

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Company of international class landscape is made with all one's strength
Big China amorous feelings of · Xi Xi draws near park of wet ground of Xi Xi state, base belongs to wet limits together, community environment is very beautiful, blame already water scene is most outstanding, wadi freely crisscross, rinse affectionately shedding drips, everywhere of tree of Zhu Lin, persimmon, bulrush is visible, it is view of typical Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes. The village invites the landscape with world the largest scale to design orgnaization —— United States to float in program initial stage inferior easy way makes environment of community water scene with all one's strength

1. Original natural disposition
Wet ground is a kind of protects urgently rich inside whole world limits. Big China amorous feelings of · Xi Xi, preserve the former zoology environment of high quality of Xi Xi area as far as possible, the program designs the naturalistic ” that advocates “ former zoology, reservation base is exterior and natural wadi, withhold system of water of interior wet ground and vegetation, esteem is natural, protection is natural, the person ground that formed harmonious coexistence concerns.
2. Hydrophily
Big China the landscape characteristic with the biggest amorous feelings of · Xi Xi is water, how to make person and water, the confluence with the life and closer water is big China the content that key of amorous feelings of · Xi Xi considers. Big China composition of structure of amorous feelings of · Xi Xi undertakes designing for the center with running water, form a delegation shape of pulmonary alveolus of residential just like distributings with community in, in planning to design, still endeavor at natural water system arrange, introduce water system community interior to form a variety of configuration such as lake, brook on one hand, on the other hand edge lake, river is decorated a series of stage of close water footpath, relative standard, bank water square, the reflects the residence hydrophily of utmost.
3. Can circulate quality
Big China the concept that amorous feelings of · Xi Xi follows protection to develop, in community heartland will original pound photograph connects the central lake water system that forms about 30000 square metre, and the adoption of creativity “ kind the base of basin ” handles way, bring exterior river to enter central lake, pass clough control, form flowing water circulatory system and complete ecosystem.
Water scene zoology, acclaim as the peak of perfection
1. Xi Xi of nearly 170000 square metre is natural water area
Big China amorous feelings of · Xi Xi has natural water area of Xi Xi of nearly 170000 square metre, big China periphery of community of amorous feelings of · Xi Xi has more than meters of 3500 natural river course to surround about, emphasize particularly on original environmental scene, pond star cloth, the wood is fascicular, vegetation is dense, …… of bulrush, Cong Zhu, fruiter has admirable zoology environment and natural view. In addition, big China amorous feelings of · Xi Xi holds to “ the design concept of contemporary design element and ” of confluence of photograph of natural gardens environment, float by world-famous landscape company inferior landscape company makes landscape of community water environment meticulously.
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