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How should after rental building lease expires, renew the contract

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Lease expires, tenant requirement relet, and lessor asks condition of reasonable change former lease. If former rent is too low, according to fair and reasonable principle, consult the actual level of taller building seat hire, decide reasonable new hire, if former tenant does not agree, abandon namely preferential bear hire advantageous position, lessor can establish the relationship that rent with others; If former tenant agrees with these lawful conditions, answer to conclude the contract that rent additionally; Will new requirement is written go in, will former already the deadline of at the expiration of one's term of office is changed keep the time that decides for the New Testament, register to mechanism of card of ancient bronze mirror.

After lease expires, if lessor did not raise new requirement, tenant continues to hand in by former lease hire be accepted by its again, regard the relation that rent as continuance, and be the nonsked relation that rent, when lessor does not have warrant, must not stop.

After lease expires, if lessor needs because of living oneself, do not be willing to continue to rent, did not conclude relet contract, criterion tenant should return the house return letter. If tenant is in what local government sets or the house cannot be found really inside the period of bilateral agreement, lessor ought to seek the time that the room moves to tenant, take into consideration the circumstances extends the deadline that rent, morality and justice assists tenant to seek a room. Tenant also should vacate a room on schedule. If tenant searchs not actively,the room is mixed vacate a room on schedule, lessor has authority to raise rent inside limits of local government permission. Have a house when tenant but change and when refus does not vacate a room, lessor can apply for to its remove and make its compulsively pay the rent during taking a room to the court.