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Can the individual rent public housing?

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Is there housing whether rental? Violate do not break the law? How did the unit know to do? This is the problem that a lot of people care. Actually, public housing whether renting is the topic that people comments for years all the time, and come for years public housing is being rented by the individual all the time. About this kinds of housing whether hack problem course argues for years, some province city had been loosened somewhat. Actually this since problem of a society, also be problem of a law.

As a result of all sorts of reasons, the public housing area that some people divide is relatively wide, because of the change of domestic member, the housing that divides becomes empty buy or have more than needed rise; Some people can not afford a house temporarily as a result of all sorts of reasons but can the house since lease, if supply demand relations of this two subhuman gets satisfaction, actually to the society not only remove stabilization, and be in economically the life that also improved a few people, should saying to be told from some kind of meaning is positive to arriving since the society effect. But because lessor place hack is public house, the acquisition in the interest the field is clearThe acquisition in the interest the field is clearThe pubicThe pubicDid not reflect, achieve an end so reasonable and lawful?

Construction ministry " public house management sets the city " (1994Year4Month1DayApply) the first chapter sets the 6th times so: Apply) the first chapter sets the 6th times so:: Person of building property right and the building that use person manages to place and use have protective responsibility, any units and individual do not get embezzlement, damage public house, must not use a building to get illegal benefit. Must not use a building to get illegal benefit.. According to this clause, the individual is cannot hack of will public house. Individual of deal out of public house of the pubic general, it is will fair chummage gives an individual actually, every months the individual needs to pay rent to the pubic, the relation between individual and the pubic should be the relation that rent. But construction ministry is issued again " urban house rents administrative measure " (
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