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The house property that hire a person can repair a room to cannot decorate a roo

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A house is hired to solve living problem first before buying a house, it is not little just had a job of the youth surely classics road. The market that rent also is propped up because of what have young power and with each passing day hasten flourishing. But after signing the contract that rent whether everything with respect to everything is just fine? The near future, the Wang Mei that just will to Guangzhou have a job surrounds nap because of him Xiaofan the building that oneself lease and produced issue with landlord. Because do not know relevant policy and code, wang Mei is final play away lawsuit. Rent by who the maintenance responsibility of the building is assumed after all? If rent a house,is an agreement in the contract, how should affirm?

The building is slack into   of   of reason of break one's promise

3 years ago, the room that divided a 60 square metre in the Chen Sheng that Chamber of Shipping works changes a room. Because be the same as with parents all the time, he puts this house in all the time secondhand rent on the market. He leases this building to the university to graduate a year ago the Wang Mei that Guangzhou works later, both sides signed the simple contract that rent a house, the contract agrees lease is two years, every months of hire 1000 yuan, but careless king plum did not ask Chen Sheng amid agrees the house appears the maintenance responsibility of quality problem. After Wang Mei is entered before long, the municipal program road on the side of village of this house place builds begin formal have transport service, because traffic got ameliorative, circumjacent and secondhand the trend that house price appeared to rise. This unit that Wang Mei hires, in the market hire rises 1300 yuan / month. Chen Sheng notices what ask to raise a house after this one phenomenon to hire valence, remove with respect to the requirement otherwise contract. Wang Mei won't agree of course, she did not arrive with lease the unjustifiable demand that rejected Chen Sheng, to this Chen Sheng all the time be troubled Yu Huai. After half an year, arrived monsoon, wang Mei discovers bedroom coping begins to appear slack evidence, she finds Chen Sheng to ask the help repairs a house. But, chen Sheng however with the house year long disrepair is unfavorable live for reason, ask Wang Mei moves.       

But oneself repair house    

Wang Mei won't be taken away at this point of course, but how is slack problem solved? By force of but, she asked the problem that a few turbid workers appear the house to undertake rebuilding, in the meantime, the wall that considers room interior is already entire be done to spend by water be soiled, she asks to be versed in people conveniently whitewashs house of a complete set of, she pays after the event workers 2500 yuan of money. King of this share cash has oneself in Mei Xin plan: "Since you do not agree to help my repairing, I am buckled from inside chummage. " spent a month, receive the Chen Sheng that is less than chummage to urge hire, wang Mei revealed the wall of the place that has repaired and new stucco, take out 2500 yuan receipt to reject to pay rent next. Chen Sheng came down to enrage: "I did not let you build a house again, want me to give money by what! " two people conflict does not fall, be obliged to appeal to finally to the court.       
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