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How does lone woman hire a room to choose a roommate?

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Go we are when the school, must want a dormitory; Graduated now, original and OK relaxed, but partake together to can look for individual and you the chummage of high specified number, you must be sought in boundless and indistinct sea of faces close hire associate. Arrange according to Beijing gallop statistic, the current market that rent has60%Of above is female friend, and the hope adds up to hiring associate is a female to occupy those who hire housing house number85%Above.
The person of the room is hired in Beijing, beyond the Peking Man that eliminate tears open change to hire a room to live temporarily as a result of the building, 95%Right-and-left crowd comes from all corners of the land. Here, suitable gallop the company reminds everybody, seeking close vigilance must rise before hiring associate, yesYesAllow associateAllow associateMustMustInquire into the root of the matterInquire into the root of the matter, especially female friend. Can consider from the following respects:

Disposition and hobby
The ancients says: The ancients says:: Annals is different, do not be seekAnnals is different, do not be seek. In the lifeIn the lifeShare the same rotten tastesShare the same rotten tastesAndAndThe word is not congenial half manyThe word is not congenial half manyexample also everywhere is visible. When you are enmeshed in a beautiful article, transmitted next door hysterical
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