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The person that rent a house needs the individual that treat hires room manual

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One, note seeing a room:
The property right card of the 1 , identification that looks carefully at house-owner and hire building;
2, understand your hire building to whether be permitted (the house that wants classics seat appoint the branch such as meeting and public security is approved) hire;
3, whether does the construction quality of the building have a problem;
4, the circumstance that enquires house-owner, wait like state of staff of the job, family, lest make the caustic estrangement with your needless suffering as a result of the reason of house-owner troublesome in the future.

2, with house-owner contact with
Any house-owner hope his tenement is the person of high quality, do not hope to be able to bring a trouble to him. Want to handle day-to-day life work scrupulously as far as possible when you are being hired so, must not make needless trouble, lest house-owner is right,you produce allergy.

3, seek a room

You are searching a building to have two kinds of methods:
It is hiring room retrieval system well to search, you should input your condition that rent a house only, can the many building that accords with you to ask chooses for you.
2 it is company of entrust intermediary representative: Want to look for dimensions great credit to spend high big intermediary company, such ability have reliable safeguard.

4, during renting a house the processing of special problem
In occurrence problem when, should active contact with house-owner, the opinion that seeks it first again act, not to your unfamiliar circumstance or time make make a decision, lest bring needless trouble in the future.

5, point of the agreement that rent a house
The agreement should mention expressly clearly the amount of the position of the building, rent charge, payment means, building is reparative responsibility, if you do not have experience, we offerred consultative model for painting to you below, perhaps can help somewhat to you.

6, the problem that hires a room to should consider
Make clear you to want the time of the position of hire building, price and hire!