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The building rents before seeing a room 3 attentions

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Good one place is hired not easily to look in Hangzhou seem pretty good room, the time that can live grows to often be blocked up with respect to sewer of meeting occurrence such as, voltage inadequacy, water heater gives water indolence to wait for a problem quickly, of these bagatelle produced tenant to bring ceaselessly more or less troublesome, see Fang Shiru actually fruit is some more attentive, can avoid completely still.
A few link that should notice in order to see a room in the process now are starting point, be in to youHangzhou rents a houseProvide a professional guidance.
Hangzhou rents a houseDirective 1, the door window that pays close attention to a building
The first thing when seeing a room should pay close attention to the door window of the building namely, look to have door of guard against theft, a few vintage guard against theft should notice here the door has function of guard against theft far from, solder like steel tube the sort of namely such, so you can ask owner changes the door into gate of new guard against theft, such ability have safeguard. Next, what should see a window namely is airtight in good condition, hire especially one, 2 tenant must guard a pass carefully, check all windows to whether can close severe, whether can be all bolt inserted on, the examination defends column opens solder, have the hidden trouble that is broken off, if be necessary to still ask owner together consolidate, in case future trouble.
Hangzhou rents a houseDirective 2, examination fluctuation water and circuit enter a state
This attention applies to those to build time to compare old building especially, for instance a few buildings that total layer is 45 high, because at that time create need 5 above must install elevator, in 80 time so the left and right sides has 5 many buildings, because fluctuate,water pipeline is used all the year round, transmission network designs power ageing of low, circuitry, often give now aqueduct to jam often so, sail upstream electric home appliancesAccording to this kind of circumstance, the first should notice fluctuation water unobstructed when seeing a room, choose first floor and top layer especially. General and hydraulic inadequacy carries a layer on the head most suffer an effect, implicative meeting is brought about bathe indolence giving water is fast, enter the water not free often can return water one layer, must notice so.
Want those who examine a building to join a circuit namely secondly, basic now all old the city zone had undertaken transforming to the circuit of original ageing, if enter an ammeter,block type to insert that is used up can use in order to be at ease, if not be you,can want to add a consideration more.
Hangzhou rents a houseDirective 3, do not let electric home appliancesSee all ready electric home appliances
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