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The life should be not hired room box up is young the path of the conduct financ

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Nowadays, the error with the understanding constant presence of not little youth to renting a house, always think to hired a room to spend house of money in the end or other people, oneself still are " penniless " . In fact, before marrying, expend tens of 10 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan about a hundred bought a house, it is the money that rents future a few years the house nevertheless, concentration is in short-term inside defray just. Hit an example to say, a total prices 1 million yuan commodity house, take no account of interest cost, press 70 years of computation, plus property administration fee, average share is controlled in 18 thousand yuan to annual expenses, it is 1500 yuan every months.

If takes this money to rent a house, although from apparently look, hire on 10 years, pay 180 thousand yuan, the house still is not him, it seems that very not be to one's profit. But if be in 10 years when rent a house, appear to drop than level of eye anteroom price the circumstance of 20% , 1 million yuan house is at present cheap 200 thousand yuan, be equal to 10 when this rents a house years lived in vain. Besides, these 1 million yuan still can look for a bank conduct financial transactions inside 10 years (relevant: と  by? breed, with year accrual 5% computation, can gain profit 10 years 500 thousand yuan, enough pay rent. More important is, the house that builds after 10 years is compared for certain present good.

Rent a house, it is manner of a kind of life not only, also be the path of a kind of conduct financial transactions. Live in the house of others, the fund that uses right beside one does him to think the thing that do. They say:   of ё of Kong Yong of annulus of cap of Ω of brandish of  farsighted  ! ?