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The building is rental beard two close

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The building is rental the market gradually prosperous, but the building is rental dispute is corresponding also grow in quantity. The author hires personnel of Wu of law of carry out net to be in know from extensive city, tenant abandons preferential buying authority and relet is the near future the focus of two large issue.

Rental room cannot optional buying and selling

Mr Zhang rents his property for a long time Miss Wang, rent a contract to be about to expire soon, mr Zhang decides to sell the house. But not was in inform Miss Wang for a short while, signed estate business contract with buyer directly however. When when buyer checks and accept a building, miss Wang just is informed must move instantly. Then, law of Miss Wang according to sets, the business contract that offers Mr Zhang and a third party to sign is invalid.
Comment on: During the building is rental, lessor can sell a house, but set according to our country contract law, below same condition, tenant has preferential the right that buys this house property. That is to say, mr Zhang should inform Miss Wang first before selling a house. And when Mr Zhang sells a house and already preparing to sign estate business contract with buyer, the written and relevant proof that did not seek Miss Wang opinion to also abandon buying without Miss Wang, this brings about dispute. Affirm to house property just can trade when tenant abandons buying its house in lessor only so, and must tenant is signed abandon writtenly preferential the statement that buys right.

Sublessor relet thes loss outweights the gain

Mr Xu rents his property young lady of the Qin Dynasty, but young lady of the Qin Dynasty agrees without what get Mr Xu property relet gave Liu the lady. After Mr Xu discovers, terminated the agreement renting a house of Ms. Liu instantly. And young lady of the Qin Dynasty lost the building that lease not only, and pay back chummage to give Liu the lady even, in order to compensate her loss.
Comment on: During the building is rented, tenant needs relet house, must ask for so that lessor agrees. In practice, a lot of tenant are in bear after leasing a building relet of privately general building or the means lend building with sublease, bring about a series of dispute. According to regulation of our country contract law, of tenant relet building, answer to agree via lessor, the renting contract between tenant and lessor continues effective, the 3rd person causes losing to renting content, tenant ought to recoup a loss. Tenant agrees with relet without lessor, lessor can remove contract.
Extensive city attorney reminds the both sides that rent, renting or bear when leasing a building, need to notice the following item. Square to renting for, the financial condition of the working unit of the utility that leases a building to tenant, living number, tenant and tenant should understand, especially the identity to tenant more should witting, when signing the contract that rent, should back up tenant Id photocopy. To bear hire square for, when deciding hire building, must the as consultative as the obligee of this building or lawful agent relevant condition that rent, must ask the right that issues this building proves building everybody.
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