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Property tax is pilot shoulder heavy responsibilities

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So-called property tax, be it is levy object with the building, to the tax of a kind of property that property right everybody imposes. Property tax is accrual of collection land appreciation the most important with one of significant steps. Normally it is to be in periodic of the collection on the foundation that assesses property value, can provide steady income source for local government. Be in abroad, the assessment of property tax is quite multifarious, the cost of collection property tax is quite high also, need builds overall land record data hand-in-hand travel is updated regularly. If the tax rate of property tax is inferior, the property tax that causes collection possibly still cannot cover these cost.
Be in our country, of property tax leave proof, still face another important and complex problem: The tax cost below new old policy conforms. The basic frame that property tax reforms is, estate of duty of gold of sell one's own things of will active land, house property, city value added tax of royalities of land of duty, town, land collect fees amalgamative, translate into house property retains the property tax that level unites collection.
Property tax comes on stage, the brought comprehensive tax system that will be real-estate industry is reformed, it is the challenge that runs a system to having housing. And the overall levy taxes that should realize pair of most house property, be not in one day to be able to be reached.