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Should hire appearance room also hand in property to expend?

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● asks: I hired the appearance room of area of one wife and children to open a clinic, the water charge of electricity of appearance room is handed in on time, property branch collects our property fee even however, we are not handed in, was stopped water and electricity.

Understand according to me, the barber shop next door also is expended because of making property the other day and was stopped water and electricity, they sought pass the time in a leisurely way subsequently assist with property management department, gotten statement is hire appearance room does not need to pay property fee, the requirement of property does not have a basis, via talking things over, property renewed the water and electricity supply of this barber shop again.

Water and electricity stops, the air conditioning of our clinic does not leave, the business is affected badly. Excuse me, how should we safeguard our legitimate rights and interests?

   ● answers: Above all, whether to hand in property cost does not have a relation with the relation that rent, the property of this and owner is attributive relative. Whether should pay property fee namely, the landlord that should see this room (namely person of owner, property right) whether to exist with property company property clientage.

Next, whether to pay property fee to the appearance room of the village, whether to put in property concern with property company namely, put in controversy in legal group. Appearance room belongs to a whole when the village is developed, it is whole village impartible cut one share, accordingly, the village should be unified bring into limits of section of a property management.

On the contrary, if this appearance room does not put in the property inside the village 's charge, so its environment and sanitation and are all sorts of management attributive Where is which property category? Law is impossible that the property of room of separate set appearance should be set by what owner proper motion manages, accordingly, appearance room should the property management that all puts in a village 's charge, should pay concerned fee. Understand according to us, also legal personage thinks, in practice, property company had not run appearance room, even appearance room also does not need corresponding service, and the use of appearance room also did not take up the space inside the village, accordingly, should not hand in.

To this, consider legal provision and property management are carried out, should consider the characteristic of appearance room, of room of face of face each other collect fees can decrease appropriately collect fee (for instance the half) according to normal property, safeguarded legal oneness already so, also consider actual feasibility and fair sex.