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Guangzhou: White cloud Ou Chunlan spends garden village owner to be office build

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Owner of garden of Ou Chunlan of Guangzhou white cloud should give village property to manage a company to build monitoring center to hold the office concurrently from dig down. The reporter is in yesterday spring see inside orchid garden village, the monitoring center in the program had begun construction in ground of in full swing.

According to introducing, the program that builds monitoring center and construction get what belonging to street house not only appoint, of city canal branch agree, also got exceeding the self-identity of 2/3 owner. This project total cost is close 70 thousand, will pay in village owner accumulation fund.

Canal of village other people rents office of a house owned by a citizen 6 years

Garden of Guangzhou spring orchid only then built 1995, be located in street of brook of Beijing of white cloud area, 34 buildings are shared inside the area, live in order to enter now many nearly 1000 dweller. Owner expresses to the reporter, there are property office building and owner activity center all the time in the village. Express according to owner, 2001 spring after orchid garden owner fries original wide keepsake course of study to run a company, property government office building is destroyed thoroughly by the development business of evacuate, only keep remains. The company of two property management that garrisons subsequently is hire a house owned by a citizen will handle official bussiness up to now. A few days ago, the reporter is in spring orchid garden sees, present property management company is hire of an about 60 square metre civilian do office to use curtilage, among them a room is course of study appoint the office of the meeting.

Owner builds content to run the office at one's own expenses

A few days ago, the reporter learns, this village will build a two safe monitoring buildings with tall layer, monitoring building will be built in former property management to be in on office building site, floor area is left and right sides of 110 square metre, the structure issues two to go up. According to introducing, monitoring center holds center of old person activity concurrently first layers for assembly room, 2 buildings do monitoring room and office to use. Every square does not exceed use construction cost 700 yuan, all construction cost pays in village owner accumulation fund. Reporter yesterday recently arrives spring orchid garden, see a clearing that is in village center had used black safety net to surround, center of Chun Lan monitoring already start working of ground of in full swing.

Owner of 2/3 of the course that build a building agrees

Course of study of Chun Lan village appoint can yellow director tells a reporter, because the village joins staff more complex, only 4 becoming is owner, 6 is become is to rent door. The often produces the pilfer between resident before action in the village, course of study appoint can belong to street agency and city canal branch to communicate to place May the matters concerned that resembles head and construction monitoring center is photographed in installation, planned construction of center of Chun Lan monitoring to seek an opinion publicly to all owner with blueprint October.
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