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Property service puts a flaw to collect fees should decrease

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Owner does not hand in cost to sue a judge on-the-spot survey produce the expected result enters a judgement -- ,

Report from our correspondent lives in inn of abundant director laborious because Ms. Zhang of some village serves with property management unqualified for, refus hands in property to expend and be accused by property company court.

Today, abundant stage court is reported, the court maintains company of this village property to serve existence flaw, but the service that already performed much is voluntary, reason decides the property of Ms. Zhang expends collection of property company discretionary reduction.

In this case, property company sues a requirement Ms. Zhang with annual 672.44 yuan price hands in the property that owed to 2007 year place 2003 to expend.

In case cognizance process, the judge had on-the-spot collate test to this village, the property that affirms this village serves to wait for respect existence flaw in maintenance of afforest, Bao Jie, public facilities.

Abundant stage thinks after forensic cognizance, integrated what the circumstance of produce the expected result of survey of spot of the evidence that Ms. Zhang provides, court reachs property company is avowed in light of, the service of property company is put in the flaw really.

Ms. Zhang asks to decrease the request court that collects property fee to should grant to support, but specific amount agrees without the contract because of both sides, reason is decreased receive the forehead to spend should integrated balance. The court adjudicates Ms. Zhang gives pay property company property to expend 1571.2 yuan.