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Property tax left the earliest 2010 ask for the largest block to be put at gold

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One, local government gets more finance income through drive up price, in the meantime, the drive up of price drives house price to appreciate, and property tax just is to be aimed at house property to appreciate the categories of taxes of the design, such, of house price rise to be able to let local government impose more property tax again. Local government is equal to two-way gain profit, the impulse that it can generate price of stronger drive up price, house -- mode is supplied to fall in active land, the government serves as the sole supplier of land, it is completely OK operate of price. This will increase difficulty of building city adjusting control further undoubtedly, exasperate the people's livelihood.

2, consist in is estate development, at present current of link all sorts of collecting fees compare even " formal wedding " revenue is much still, according to concerning sectional statistic, those who amount to about a hundred kinds, among them comparative to collect fees partly be accompanied with metallographic of land sell one's own things and be born. Gold of if land sell one's own things does not bring into property tax in, mean, these collecting fees body of this one giant parasitism still keeps gold of depends on land sell one's own things in, and this kind of rate may rise, on body of the person that still will be arrived finally to buy a house by marry again. Come so, property tax became a kind to add categories of taxes newly actually, a kind of conformity that and rather than expends to showing an estate tax, house price also will continue because of this to rise undoubtedly.

This kind of system designs the support that gets the people very hard apparently. Then, contradiction arose. The design of property tax after all yielding still comply with popular wishes at the apiration of local government? The final final result that gain of this kind of profit weichis or the destiny that will decide property tax.

The author thinks, in view of Chinese national condition, bring into gold of land sell one's own things property tax is optimal choice not only, also be only alternative. One of, bring into gold of land sell one's own things only among property tax, ability controls local government the impulse of blind construction, wasteful construction. Because cannot traverse land of sell one's own things one-time gain income, local government cannot eat one's corn in the blade, they will must improve a service, raise capital to use efficiency, exchange the enthusiasm of tax of people pay property through improving public construction. In fact, this also is each country opens the original intention that imposes property tax. Secondly, if eliminate of gold of land sell one's own things, property tax tax rate will become very low, and impose cost changeless, this is meant, collect cost to be close to likely in certain place exceed property tax even, thereby, make of property tax proof become fine long hair is insignificant. Thirdly, bring into gold of land sell one's own things only among property tax, ability controls the impulse selling the land of local government, ability makes adjusting control measure get effective, just also can prevent house price further out of control, housing problem of this one the people's livelihood worsens further.
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