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Give property management company many somes of understanding and attention pleas

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Content is in charge of cost to rise in price, owner is not accepted, then content runs a company simply from village evacuate, put down is next " without constituent indiscipline " confused situation. Although such result is flat clear, not less than however to be solved with a kind of simple violent method " a pair of contradiction " . New " matter right law " concern to the law between committee of property company and owner, owner probably gave make clear and maintain, but do not have apparently beforehand appraise runs a company to content " the strike " sequential.

Property management is labor concentrated model industry, new " labor contract law " carry out cause its operation cost to rise considerably, want to raise content canal to be expended so that vote through most owner, the result is caused south, green city, China too company of pipe waiting for content again and again from Hangzhou evacuate of a few villages (yesterday Japan signs up for 2, 3 edition report) .

And a variety of cannot mediate contradiction that exist between content canal and owner no matter, review the casuse and effect of this kind of incident, of owner and content canal " talk about collapse " get stuck dead to expend this cut to go up in content canal only, because, is not service or other and attributive the difference that not clear problem arises, so problem end rises much simpler.

A variety of evidence make clear, what should both part relation faintness creates the contradiction between owner and content canal, is property company servant after all, be controller or businessman? Is owner a service after all object, be supervisor or client? Allegedly, according to international convention, content is in charge of even if owner join forces spends money " employ " a group will be its collective to serve, home of family Europe United States calls content canal " chamberlain " can show an issue very much, this integrated interest principal part on certain level, and unlike here " enemy I " contradictory. Be just like a family to look for baby-sitter, with both sides is willing susceptive price and service are reached consistent, the question is much simpler.

Content canal serves even if want to commercialize road, to the village " sell " each service, it is so easy that nevertheless promotion rises to be done not have however, especially " property regulation " and " matter right law " slant overweight safeguard property is possessory -- after the rights and interests of owner, content canal was become it seems that " weak force group " , accomplish very hard handle affairs by market rule. A lot of owner are the consciousness that purchases a service without beautiful money, return the house that can feel beautiful to so expensive money is bought probably, content canal service is the establishment of form a complete set that the village ought have. 2 it is owner the exclusiveness that provides generation to content from hoggish angle, a few owner are in charge of with malcontent content refuse payment content runs cost for the service, and a few owner see somebody is not handed in also subsequently " follow-up " , the exterior sex that public service product exists caused series chain-reacting and vicious circle, cause content finally to be in charge of the serious consequence of evacuate village. New perhaps content pipe company can be received very quickly on, but old issue still can arise.
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