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Property level of management needs to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

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2. Establish autonomic sex intermediary to organize -- , property management guild. Association should undertake to property management company legislation studies the city, education that operates lawfully, action of normative business market, to enterprise and city each relation of professional management department undertakes harmony, proper,defend a company rights and interests. Collect the view that reflects owner at the same time, listen attentively to the cry of the enterprise, offer drag in society to develop the professional opinion of respect of as major as policy concern to the government.

3. Establish the intermediary organization that normative service monitors, for example the price examines and approve mechanism and arbitral orgnaization. The price that property government service expends is a of property management sensitive issue. If property management serves the price of cost,not be talk things over by both sides of supply and demand agree, maintain via examine and verify of governmental price branch, so, it is difficult to after the dispute that causes by the price will be brought about, collect fees.

Property management company and owner often produce issue, investigate its reason, because property management company manages medium law to concern to not be clear about to property,great majority is, probably much owner does not know he has what right, accordingly, establish arbitral orgnaization, control enterprise and owner besides the standard, outside straightening all sorts of bilateral law to concern, still answer the dispute inside community and contradiction to undertake arbitrating deciding.

The 3rd, enlarge market size ceaselessly, guide consumption actively to upgrade. Of group of demand of property government market forming an unit is community, and the service system that all consumption demand that covers community household made property government. Current, we notice average household, wholesome medical treatment, life quite (include culture, entertainment) the service of the respect, this is far insufficient still, still should pay close attention to the special service of the respect such as development information, finance, social security, safe, science and technology. Generally speaking, after people bought commodity house, consumptive goal already got lost to buy demand potentially, this kind of potential demand will turn into real purchasing power. Accordingly, stimulate community to consume economic growth in the round, guide consumption actively to upgrade, the market economy of the market itself that will be driven and promotes property management and even larger area grows