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Property level of management needs to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

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Resemble buying electric equipment to care certainly like guaranteeing, the main effect that property management regards commodity house as after service already was taken seriously by people place more and more. But in recent years, property management is in real work, its market current situation hard satisfactory, main show form has 4 sides:

1. Complain rate is high

According to concerning data statistic, countrywide property management and commodity house were complained 1998 with photograph comparing increased 1997 50. 7 % .

2. Lack is normative

Complained opinion basically is in pair of property management companies centrally with old identity pose as, level of management low, service does not reach the designated position, had collected fees advanced respect.

3. City is not had

What with the market huge demand latent capacity forms sharp contrast is, structure of property government market is not whole, trade the system is not perfect.

4. Run difficulty

The property management company that has actual strength on one hand finds a project hard, can support in the hardship on former operation only; On the other hand the enterprise wants to recruit his satisfactory property management company not to have knack however, more do not talk to go up choice.

Raise property management the way to deal with a situation to be able to consult the following 3 methods:

The first, should strengthen pair of market main body breed with construction.

From supply in light of, property management wants to be broken away from from inside estate development link come out, it is to be helpful for breeding market main body; 2 it is the standard that is helpful for market action; 3 it is to be helpful for breed and developing large and medium-sized property management company and company.

Need from what property runs the market square for, every accords with conditional community to want to establish owner management committee, but what established owner management committee truly is not much. Branch of proposal government director clutchs of this one job carry out.

The 2nd, develop ceaselessly and perfect market copula. Copula builds the market to basically answer from proceed with of the following respect:

1. Establish the intermediary organization that serves to trade, for example, broker company, bourse, form corporeal property government market. Want the regulation that formulate trades and way, provide market admittance principle and way, set market admittance principle, action bid program, introduce competitive principle; Establish broker company, build the archives material of both sides of market supply and demand, release information of supply and demand, chair action bid process, those who have a contract sign, remove; By the government concerned branch appears personally, establish bourse, by broker company concentration hangs out his shingle trade.
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