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Property expects a change " full-time nurse " impression

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Be in Hefei city, the village that property company has a service is increasing, but the dweller dissatisfaction to property company also increasingly grow in quantity. A few days ago, the reporter covered company of property of Hefei city share at this point, discover the error on a few ideas brought many contradiction to both sides. Company of a lot of property expects to be changed in a new year " full-time nurse " impression, get along with owner harmony.
Collection of property administration fee is difficult
The property of village of center of in relief beautiful of Hefei city cottage is company of property of Hefei gold field, director Wang of office of Yang Jiayuan government tells this company cottage the reporter, before before long, because one owner defaults property administration fee for a long time, the employee of their company collects administration fee of fetch course of study to owner home, those who suffer owner is invective with attack, fortunately policeman of area under administration arrives in time, just appease a got-up affair.
The property cost collection that is individual owner not only is difficult, a staff member of this company says, their company takes over Yuan Cai of cottage in relief beautiful a few months, property administration fee has 100 thousand multivariate cannot close. A few owner pay property fee with a variety of reason refus, even some of owner thinks, wanted everybody to pay property fee only, he does not pay the government that cannot affect whole village. Some manner strong owner, even outgiving: "I am not handed in namely, see you can me how. See you can me how..
In get together the property company that trade center serves also has same lot, the controller of this company tells a reporter, because get together,the owner that course of study encloseds ground for growing trees is the off-duty workers of the enterprise more very, economy is original nervous, so, the company is in property cost standard surely every square metre 0.31 yuan, far the rate that sets under prices bureau. But, owner still does not wish to pay fee, and one is not handed in, other owner " vie " , do not hand in likewise.
According to introducing, 2007, this company receives the property administration fee of 50% only, company a year with respect to deficit nearly 200 thousand yuan. The chief of this company says, such deficit cannot perfect village management, the company should abandon the property servive routine of this village possibly this year.
Owner does not understand property service
In Hefei city fertilizer on the west in village of bay of road the Milky Way, happened to allow the business that property staff member finds both funny and annoying together. The Anhui Xin that manages according to be in charge of this village property believes the staff member introduction of property company, before before long, their village an owner goes out handle affairs, the child the lock is in the home, but the child runs to the balcony from house, nearly falls.
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