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Matter right law: Civilian curtilage cannot instead business is used

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Live in Dong Xinyuan tea to fill center 5 Ms. Wang mirrorred to our newspaper yesterday so a circumstance: 301 rooms opened the 2 unit that she stays in the company of a management wallpaper, the employee of the company often carries bunches of whole wallpaper with bunches of whole very heavy weight through elevator. "The company runs in dweller building, and still regard as storehouse is used, not only hampered of resident pass through normally, affect the service life of elevator badly still, ask you to help us be mirrorred to concerned branch, let this company move us this dweller building. Let this company move us this dweller building..
The reporter helps: This residence handles official bussiness to be become again already storehouse
"Going up Saturday, this company use came the wallpaper of two trucks, go up from elevator use entirely. " Ms. Wang tells a reporter yesterday, understand according to her, those who open this wallpaper firm is not the owner of 301 rooms, the owner that is 301 rooms hires housing to this company those who use. "These days I come down from stair when, the room that sees 301 rooms is worn besides caboodle outside a lot of wallpaper, still a few employee handle official bussiness inside. Still a few employee handle official bussiness inside..
The reporter understands, 5 altogether have the Cheng Yuan of Dong Xinyuan tea that Ms. Wang is in 18, 36 resident inside whole building are common an elevator. "The elevator space here is original not big, a few bunches of wallpaper fill in, do not have good station of a few people, and wallpaper is so heavy, if often weigh negative charge, affirmative meeting affects the service life of elevator, breakneck still. " accordingly, the household of whole building is very large to this opinion, had sought property company many times.
Civilian cannot regard as curtilage management sex uses a room
Actually, the problem that Ms. Wang reflects is in Hangzhou exist somewhat inside a lot of villages. To this kind waits for the residence with room instead recreation, meal business room and the appearance that management sex uses a room, ma Jianping of office of attorney of Zhejiang sea grand's lawyer thinks, " matter right law " after carrying out, dweller residence will allow to be used as management place no longer usually, if business of instead of residence of general of do sth without authorization uses somebody, the legitimate rights and interests that brings about other owner thereby gets enroach on, other owner can be complained to the branch such as property company, if the other side still did not stop enroach on, can press " matter right law " concerned regulation, lawfully to forensic to lodge a complaint.
Legal link
" matter right law " the 77th regulation: Owner does not get lawbreaking, code and administrative stipulations of an agreement, the house the change uses a room to manage a gender. Residence of chief commander of course of study changes what use a room to manage a gender, outside defending law, code and administrative stipulations of an agreement except abide by, ought to agree via having the owner of interests.
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