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Controversy of owner content canal serves " cash pledge "

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Property service company is taking over control building dish, when signing a contract, whether ought to does pay property serve bail? " regulation of Hangzhou city property (modification draft) " put forward the 42nd times: The property that is chosen to hire serves an industry to area, county (city) when property is in charge of a branch to deal with property to serve a contract to put on record, ought to manage area according to this property the standard pay property of charge of service of 3 months property serves bail. After property serves an enterprise to exit this property to manage a project, by area, county (city) after property is in charge of a branch to press accrual of computation of interest rate of current of bank the corresponding period, return return property to serve security principal and interest.

This paragraph of time comes, serve about this property " cash pledge " , the controversy sound inside course of study did not stop all the time.

   Content canal: Property serves bail " quote " too tall

"Does 3 months property serve property management area charge " how much be? At present the administrative scope of Hangzhou residence village is in more 10 thousand square metre of 30 thousand ~10, property management collects fees the standard that those who carry out still is 2005, it is multilayer that management of first class property collects fees every months 1.2 yuan / square metre, high level every months 1.4 yuan / square metre, allow to drift up and down 20% . Calculate roughly by this, a 50 thousand square metre is multilayer residential village, with management of first class standard, property company needs when garrisoning this village first the property that pay controls 180 thousand yuan serves bail.

"To property company this cannot be carried out. " Mr Zheng, it is controller of company of Hangzhou something estate, managing 3 buildings dish the residential village of nearly 400 thousand square metre, content runs cost from 0.9~1.5 yuan / square metre differs, calculate according to his, if this clause is carried out, these 3 buildings dish many yuan 130 property serves need pay bail.

And be in charge of like green city other people, south content canal is in Hangzhou so famous spend taller property to serve an industry, the building of direct administration dish the area exceeds 2 million square metre, mean about 7.2 million yuan of capital must serve as " cash pledge " , cannot use normally, register fund than theirs even much. With green city other people the canal is exemple, embellish of total last year annual interest 18 million yuan (countrywide) , and " cash pledge " once policy is carried out, the direct administration area that is in Hangzhou with it will calculate, about half profit must serve bail as property.

Such brushstroke bail run from opposite directions for hair business, perhaps be brushstroke penny only, but not much to itself gain content canal is a big fund however for the company. Mood of controller of company of service of a lot of property in interviewing is agog, state this policy is too old to industry influence, hope industry interior unites an opinion to find a proper settlement method. More somebody speak bluntly: "Hangzhou city once had published property service to collect fees management implements measure, company of formulary property management must not be mixed to owner decorate unit collection of any forms decorate bail, does property service security covert to cash pledge of property unit collection? Does property service security covert to cash pledge of property unit collection??
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