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Hangzhou wants a flower 3 years to solve property of old old village to manage a

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Cop of housetop cistern, water and electricity, discretion matchs electric equipment, parking space to install... the hardware that these matter to dweller living quality directly, cent belongs to different management department, had a problem, often cannot find person processing.

"Especially, hangzhou returns the residential village that 30% is control to had not executed property management. " hard relevant special topic meets the housing defeating solution that held yesterday, kingdom of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, Hangzhou is smooth say: "After improvement of improvement of afterwards alleyway lane, danger old house, court improves the project of common feelings of people of inside and outside of 3 everybody door, hangzhou acts general management of village of the residence that start 3 years this year plan, want to solve the property government problem of old old village especially. Want to solve the property government problem of old old village especially..

According to action plan, these problems will be in below initial effect was obtained before the bottom 2010.

Build 2 class property to manage issue

Coordinate a group

The current situation: Go up century the area of grown-ups and children of 779 time, building facilities already ageing needs to maintain, but the village provides enterprise and owner committee without content however, who should look for?

Countermeasure: Hangzhou will be built area, street (villages and towns) issue of government of 2 class property coordinates a group.

Area class coordinates group joint meeting, invite each relevant function branch to attend, be in charge of solving the residential village with this major area to manage issue;

Street (villages and towns) have a leader of be assigned personal responsibility for specific and responsible, study situation of general management of village of residence of area under administration regularly, solve relevant problem.

Classification of problem of water and electricity is solved

The current situation: Conduit of door mouth tap water is dissilient, for nothing who does the water of prediction of a person's luck in a given year expend to pay? Electrical wiring ageing, fastigium can'ted bear bear cutting off the power, who to look for to solve?

Countermeasure: Inside residential village, water and electricity divides a relevant cop before metric watch and facilities facilities maintenance, conserve, be in charge of by unit of water supply, power supply; Relevant cop is mixed after metric watch equipment maintenance, conserve, assume by building everybody.
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