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Office building of upper software park

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” of “ upper software park is with the integrated advantage with arch elegant, actual strength, harmonious villa rely on, blend in construction of ” of Silicon Valley of Hangzhou “ heaven actively, hold to program of high starting point, high level to carry out, efficient move, accomplish dovish start, orderly dilate and comprehensive promotion. According to the characteristic that software industry grows and requirement, ” of upper to “ software park undertakes differentiating appropriately mixing on layout classify, realize intensive to change hard do poineering work to develop with amlposition type. Software is exhibited in outstanding hair advocate course of study while, the enterprise such as technology of technology of network of right amount arrangement, IT, intelligence is entered halt, with what give priority to in order to develop the culture originality property such as medium, movie and TV, design Le Fuzhi collects garden one case couplet sleeves resonance, in auspicious garden at an early date draw achieves the new blueprint that waits for an industry to flourish in all with respect to software, network, article, for whole area industry of new and high technology, city advantage industry grows infuse greatly powerful motive force. Combine current current situation and development goal, 3 phase scroll advances under cent of construction of ” of “ upper software park:
The first it is dovish the phase that start, build ” of “ upper software park to start platform. It is with resource of space of auspicious garden first phase rely on, of all kinds to having undertake with the room conformity is mixed transform, form ” of “ upper software park to start platform jointly. Poineering area of program of the platform that start 8. 20 thousand ㎡, establish A, B, C, D, E5 poineering area, by every the home all leases an area 800 ㎡ computation, predict about 100 to be stationed in an enterprise, ensure in the action that the platform that start completed in the round before the bottom 2008 business works, form software company poineering upsurge on the platform that start as soon as possible, effect of preliminary implementation scope and assemble effect.
1, “ north is soft ”A area: By composition of building of business affairs of two science and technology, area 18 thousand ㎡, with auspicious soft ”B area forms the “ north of the interval that start a journey jointly the core area of the platform that start. The garden needs to establish ” of “ north software park in the center of core area large label card, want beautiful, delicate, air not only on visual effect, even can foil gives the culture atmosphere with software sagacious and infinite elite, configure “ north card of label of soft ”A area. A area poineering platform is continueing to give aid to already went up into the foundation that is stationed in software company development, collect is badly in need of those who enlarge poineering space growing quickly inside limits of urban district of main main attack model software company, accelerate introduce poineering plan, deepen the content that business enrols on the net and strategy ceaselessly at the same time, cogent the specific aim that enhances new and high project to enrol business and actual effect sex, attract enterprise of software research and development, network technology company, electronic commerce industry to wait to be stationed in better do poineering work.
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