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Heart is tangled, graduated 5 years are still living in the rental in

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If winter comes, the weather gradually cools. Rent in the chilly nest, I envy those who are heating the house, but that should pay for. Graduated 5 years, still lived in a rented house, classmates and friends, one after another to buy his own house, although most of the older second-hand housing, the small chamber. Cengceng prices rise, up in the irrational. The past two years many new high-level, the current price of almost 6 thousand of the bar, but that is three or four thousand before the scene, feeling the rich really a lot, a fortune by the state house, though a bit ridiculous, but this is the fact that China , and we live in China. Always look forward to falling prices, it now appears, is nonsense, many years ago, in fact, they are just about 5 years, when the price is two to three thousand Hefei, when people say, nothing can be up to the house, and The result? Rapid expansion of social wealth, the sharp devaluation of the RMB. When the unanimous decision to buy a house and found housing prices rose too, more than the psychological boundaries, and hesitate, take it or leave? Buy, buy at the highest point of fear, hard-earned money distressed; do not buy that house prices continue to rise, but can not afford. Always feel that the rising house prices can not continue down, just like stocks, the total time of collapse, but they differ from the stock house, the house is a must for every household things, and now not a house, a large one in, someone to take over. House prices in 2012 will be a turning point in it? The next thing, who do not know. Look at this crazy house era, and my heart will always feel a turning point in a year or two, everything has its peak, now is the whole real estate, time to peak, and the rest is down does not it? Just afraid he is too simple, is nonsense. Just a house buy, Where to buy, really confused. Should be certain to buy, just to be. City to buy, house prices beyond the mental capacity, suburban Mody, and work seems somewhat contradictory, and backward rural areas, also lost the meaning of stay in the big cities. No matter how the house that the most fundamental is the money. The era of cross-flow material desires, some people are not very look of money, but in the face of reality, money, is a very important element of last resort, only for the money, to fight. On my way to and from work with her husband, how can the money? In front of the house is a poor man.