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Renters do not agree with the owner no right to sell

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Today, with the active real estate market, rent, houses disputes are increasing. Recently, Laoshan District Court of the dispute with the rental contract, the case reminds people: "the sale does not break lease" rental act according to law, to the contract. This case, the plaintiff and the defendant Wang Xin Mou on November 11, 2007 signed a lease contract. Contract, the defendant is located in Laoshan Area with the plaintiff leased a garden house, rental period November 1, 2007 to November 1, 2012, 5,000 annual rent, including a contract that is really necessary to recover before the expiry of the lease term housing , the plaintiff shall give written notice to the defendant 1 month. After signing the contract, the plaintiff will be rented to house the defendant, the defendant delivered under the contract rent, and rent house kitchen, bathroom renovation. September 7, 2009 the plaintiff sold the house to others, to terminate the contract after the plaintiff requested the defendant has not been agreed, the two sides dispute. Trial, the plaintiff 2 copies of a written notice, express delivery and receipt of a complaint a copy of the defendant want to prove that the plaintiff in writing to terminate the contract and the plaintiff fails to deliver the housing purchasers, the plaintiffs sued for the purchaser to pay liquidated damages of 36,500 yuan facts. Defendants argue that: the plaintiff did not receive written notice. Only pay the plaintiffs complaint, there is no legal instrument can not be confirmed losses, even if the losses occurred independent of the defendant. Court that the plaintiff and defendant both signed the rental contract, to be valid. Plaintiff sold its rental housing, according to the principle of leasing transactions not broken, do not affect the validity of the lease contract, the defendant does not agree to terminate the contract in the case, the plaintiff has the right to sell houses on the grounds to terminate the contract. Trial, the plaintiff only submitted the notice to terminate the contract, express receipts, but there is no evidence that the defendant notice of receipt, courier receipt alone does not prove the fact that the defendant received notice of termination of the contract. Therefore, the plaintiffs request to terminate the contract, there is no factual and legal basis, not support it. The defendant requested the plaintiff 36,500 yuan compensation for the losses, the lack of evidence, should be rejected. Then the court of first instance verdict: dismissed the plaintiff's claim. Court costs 713 yuan, Wang burden from the plaintiff.