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The first foreign financial leasing Wuqing District Luohu

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Recently, the region's first foreign-invested financial leasing companies - German Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. Tianjin Silver Trade and Industry Bureau in the district to complete the registration successfully settled Wuqing Development Zone. Silver Tianjin Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in financial leasing German production equipment, communications equipment, scientific equipment, inspection equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, office equipment and other personal property leases, and to the lessor under the lease People of the seller, lease options to purchase leased property to the seller to provide to the lessee to use, collection of rent and other services to the lessee. The total investment is $ 25,000,000, the registered capital of $ 10,000,000, from Hong Kong and China jointly set up a corporate enterprise. In the business registration process, the staff said that as companies have contracts with other companies intent, need a business license. Bureau of Foreign Trade and Industry Branch of the comrades to understand the situation Later, in with tonight, the principle of special matter, and immediately reported to the company to review the materials, leading to the higher authorities to the report, the company opened a green channel, hold people accountable to provide full service, timely With other departments certificate of approval, approval and other elements, while the PUC has asked the business scope of the Registrar, the same day issued a business license for enterprise, for business operations for a time.