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Shanghai Pudong Expo section rental prices fall

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Near the end with the Shanghai World Expo, the Expo tenant "low tide", the Expo has been to promote the rental market began to subtle changes. Rent decline in Pudong Expo section, and gradually return to rational. Central Plains Expo Shanghai branch by the end of October closing a "modern impression of the" three rooms, the Expo was held on the eve of the rent for the 7000-8000 yuan / month, and now with the types of leasing transactions, housing, rents have come down significantly, about 5,000 yuan / Months. According to the Shanghai branch of Chen Yi manager of the Central Plains Expo, currently within plate rental prices decline, more than one or two months before the World Expo to be held down by about 20% -30%, for example in April, two-bedroom rental in the region around 6000 / month Now the basic 4,000 yuan / month can rent. Mr. Chen said, the rent, "cool" on the one hand because of the Expo near the ending, and many rental here for the convenience of customers Bo Concept start "low tide" and the other part of the lease the park staff is also about to expire, the new Basic is not from the Expo leasing customers, but the average worker, rents hardly room for growth.