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8.4 how of normative owner committee run

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(5) supervise and urge owner abides by owner convention, village government joint pledge, building to use the code of conduct such as convention with use person, the photograph adjacent of the owner in coordinating good property to use concerns, decorate to violate the rules and regulations, assist property management company to undertake administrative, if have the person of behavior of violate the rules and regulations,do not listen dissuade should report concerned administration department is handled lawfully.
(6) become travel of field of the road inside good area under administration, car and place, and the government that sets the field such as advertisement.
(7) do good interior to supervise the work: Draft the draft that runs convention, way about property; The supplementary vote that becomes good committee member works; Build working system, conference system and filing system; Raise money and use management what do good office funds to work; Do good office to use the setting of the room and administrative job: Had done change an election job to wait.

  5, the constitution of owner committee

Owner committee prepares composition to stand case, be about to draft owner committee constitution. Owner commission rules is the normative sex file of owner committee activity. Constitution must be discussed via owner congress or owner congress after passing, apply.
Preparatory group can be in owner committee way is made on the demonstrative text foundation of rules of commission of concerned owner of estate administration department, the real case of this area under administration joins when making, seek the opinion of owner group, its content must not violate regulations of concerned law, code, administration and normative sex document.
The content of owner commission rules includes commonly:
(One) branch of limits of region of area under administration of this meeting name, address, place, property, director and tenet:
(2) organization and duty;
(3) conference system and working system;
(4) commissarial condition, election and right and obligation:
(5) management of accounts of funds origin, funds;
(6) office uses a room;
(7) constitution, become effective, revise, the concerned matters concerned such as complement.