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8.4 how of normative owner committee run

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(3) owner committee meeting ought to have committee member of more than half to attend, make a decision must agree via above of committee number half the number.
(4) the decision of owner committee ought to be with written form inside property management section seasonable announcement.
(5) at the expiration of one's term of office of owner council tenure of office before 2 months, ought to hold what owner congress conference has owner committee to change a vote; Exceed the time limit was not changed, branch of estate administration director is OK assign staff member coachs its change a job.
(6) former owner committee ought to be in since the day of its lieutenancy at the expiration of one's term of office inside 10 days, its etc of custodial archives data, seal attributes owner mass rally all property are turned over new an owner committee, had done hand over formalities.
(7) classics owner committee or owner of 20 % above offers, think to be necessary to change owner committee committee member, make a decision by owner congress conference, manage the announcement inside area in property with written form.

   4, the routine of owner committee

The routine of owner committee should decide according to owner commission rules, say to have a few as follows commonly:
(One) section of management of understanding control property, owner and the fundamental condition of use person, include property of construction of area of property of area under administration, building, property right, infrastructure of area under administration, afforest, fair build case of form a complete set, the circumstance such as surroundings of area under administration, traffic. Owner presses a tabulation that register with use person. The target of the property management to this area under administration and requirement are in initial plan puts forward to discuss in order to offer after seeking owner opinion extensively.
(2) if area under administration already had property government formerly,the company undertakes administrative, make an assessment to original property management job, the issue that includes taking result, proper government measure, existence, collect fees the rationality of a day and standard, run a company to original property whether add is hired or dismiss offers an opinion, to owner congress or owner congress report.
(3) good on behalf of owner management property is special maintain capital, had mastered the access of capital of special to property maintenance, follow principle of special funds appropriative, company of requirement property management is pressed on Zhang Wu establish Zhang, press a business accounting, the audit unit that has aptitude can be entrusted when end of the year the Zhang Wu of capital of special to property maintenance has audit, report the result to owner congress.
(4) offer house of this year of area under administration maintenance of reparative plan, equipment updates plan, public facilities to maintain conserve to plan, raise financial budget, submit to owner congress or owner congress are discussed. When necessary, make good property of special maintenance capital raise money the job.
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