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8.4 how of normative owner committee run

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7. Other reason is unfavorable those who hold the position of owner committee committee member.
Qualification of owner committee committee member stops, etc of the keeps its inside 3 days archives data since the day that ought to end oneself, seal attributes owner mass rally all property turn over owner committee.
(4) owner committee ought to say from what the election arises case inside 30 days, owner congress establish the material such as list of committee member of convention of rules of procedure of congress of circumstance, owner, owner and owner committee branch of director of administration of estate of government of people of the area to property seat, county puts on record.
(5) because property manages the reason such as area happening change to cause owner mass rally,disband, before disband, owner committee ought to be in branch of director of administration of estate of government of people of area, county and street agency (government of people of villages and towns) guidance is supervised below, become good owner common property liquidates the job.
(6) owner committee ought to fulfil obligation lawfully, must not make the decision that has nothing to do with property management, must not undertake the activity that has nothing to do with property management.
(7) the funds that owner committee begins the work is assumed by all owner; Of funds raise money, management, make appliance body is set by owner congress rules of procedure. The use circumstance of funds of owner committee job ought to be with written form regularly inside property management section announcement, accept the ask for an explanation of owner.
(8) concerned law laws and regulations and the regulation of owner congress rules of procedure engrave the seal according to of owner committee make, use, management. Disobey seal to use a provision, cause pecuniary loss of bad perhaps influence, assume corresponding responsibility by responsibility person.

2, the duty of owner committee

(One) convene owner congress meeting, the executive case that report property supervises;
(2) the property management company that on behalf of owner and owner congress choosing hires signs property to serve a contract;
(3) the opinion that seasonable understanding owner, property makes servantchoose a person for a job and proposal, supervise and assist property management company to fulfill property to serve a contract:
(4) of supervisory owner convention carry out;
(5) the other responsibility that owner congress gifts.
Owner committee ought to supervise and urge the owner that violates property to serve a contract to agree exceed the time limit does not hand in property to serve expense, deadline hands in property to serve expense.
   3, requirement of owner committee meeting
(One) via L / committee member of committee of 3 above owner offers or owner committee chairman thinks to be necessary, ought to hold owner committee meeting in time.
(2) owner committee meeting ought to make written record, after signing by the committee member that attends the meeting, file.
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