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8.4 how of normative owner committee run

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Owner committee, it is to show by property management the owner inside area represents composition, represent the increase of owner, to the society each just reflect owner desire and demand, the sex of an owner autonomy that supervises property to manage company management to run is organized. The power base of owner committee is his the droit to property. Owner committee is the bridge of communication owner and property management company, represent and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of person of estate property right, use person. It is in charge of rules of protocol owner commission below the guidance of relevant orgnaization, supervise what government of living village property works to carry out, to property management the enterprise undertakes check and be supervisoried, assist property management company to undertake administrative the work. Can say, owner committee is the collective apiration of integrated and broad owner, safeguard broad owner to combine the effective organization form of right beneficial. Its existence is helpful for making clear owner and property management company between duty, authority, benefit concerns; Be helpful for promoting form mechanism of competition of property government market, in property government market play emphasizes your work to use.

Of normative owner committee run, be helpful for the communication between property management company and owner, be helpful for raising the quality that property management serves and level, be helpful for the rational consumption that owner manages to property.

   One, the constituent requirement of owner committee

(One) since the day that owner committee ought to produce from the election hold inside 3 days first owner committee meeting, 1 person of chairman of committee of choose generation owner, vice director 2 people of 1 ~ .
(2) owner committee committee member ought to accord with following condition:
1. This property management has the owner of competence of completely civil action inside area;
2. Abide by a country to concern law, code;
3. Observe pact of owner congress rules of procedure, owner, the model fulfils obligation of abundant of course of study;
4. Enthusiastic commonweal career, responsibility heart is strong, just and clean-fingered, have power of social public letter;
5. Have one methodize capacity;
6. Have necessary working hours.
(3) owner committee committee member has one of following state, conference of classics owner congress is passed, qualification of committee member of its owner committee stops:
1. Because property is made over, destroy break waiting for a reason is owner no longer;
2. Meeting of committee of owner of without reason absent is successive of 3 above;
3. Because the reason such as the disease loses those who fulfill duty ability;
4. Have criminality;
5. Offer resignation to owner congress with written form;
6. Refus nonperformance owner is compulsory;
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