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Rules of 8.6 owner commission (example)

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General principles of the first chapter

This the first meeting is the delegate inside this property management limits the organization that all owner carries out autonomic management to this property. This meeting arises by owner congress election, it is the standing body of owner congress, responsible to owner congress.

This the 2nd meeting accepts what property administration administration is in charge of a branch to supervise with guidance.

This the 3rd constitution place says owner is to point to building droit and land access person.

This the 4th meeting represents the legitimate rights and interests of all owner, execute owner autonomy and specialization the administrative system that management integrates, those who ensure property is reasonable use with safety, maintain the public interest of this village property, create neat, beautiful, safe, comfortable, civilized living environment.

Organization of the 2nd chapter reachs duty

Committee of the 5th the first owner, by property management administrative director branch is coached development builds an unit or property management unit, owner prepares on behalf of composition appoint meeting, chip appoint can recommend this meeting candidate list, refer generation of election of congress of first time owner.
This the 6th meeting sets a committee member, among them director 1, vice director, this conference chairman, vice director can be chosen in committee cite generation. Executive secretary of this conference appoint to a position (or secretary-general) 1, be in charge of handling this can day-to-day work. Executive secretary can be a committee member, also need not be a committee member. This conference chairman, vice director, executive secretary is full-time or hold two or more posts concurrently.

This the 7th meeting right

1. The organization holds and chair owner plenary meeting:
2. As agreed as property management unit managing the collection standard that serves the expense such as cost reachs use way;
3. As agreed as property management unit budgetary estimate of cost of year administration plan, year and report of final accounting of revenue and expenditure;
4. Examination, supervisory property manages the property management job of the unit;
5. Edit Cheng of this owner convention, the constitution of an association.

This the 8th meeting is compulsory

1. Preparatory owner congress works to owner congress report;
2. Each resolution that executive owner congress passes;
3. Carry out and supervise and urge owner abides by property management etc to concern provision of law, policy, to living the user begins the conduct propaganda of a variety of forms to teach;
4. Ensure the implementation that this property manages an end each;
5. The instruction that executive government sector offers to the administrative item of this property and requirement;
6. The decision that this meeting makes, do not get lawbreaking, code policy, do not get the decision that violates owner congress, must not damage owner public interest.
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