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8.2 first owner congress conference holds announce (example)

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Preparatory group is sent [2004]008 date

Shenzhen some village about holding first the announce of owner congress

One, Shenzhen some village first owner congress conference will on August 13, 2004 (Zhou Wu) hold, use written seek opinion way, undertake according to the following program:

(One) owner congress preparatory group with respect to resolution item to this area collectivity owner service is written ask for an opinion to case, owner needs to undertake sign after receiving sth to asking for an opinion to case, can sign voting opinion to hand in the member that answer owner congress to prepare group assigner at once, also can be in end a few days ago at everyday 20: 00 ~ 22: OO runs council office to property (10 buildings east side) put in directly, connect a telephone call: 81956602, 82115313.

(2) owner needs to be in a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper to sign in the envelope heal of voting opinion; The cut-off that owner feedback opinion puts in time is on August 25, 2004.

(3) owner cannot attend owner congress meeting because of reason, can beforehand written attorney attends, this a power of attorney is handed in along with all the others when feedback opinion puts in time.

(4) the member that owner congress prepares group assigner undertakes to feedback opinion plan close.

(5) owner congress prepares group general at ending a week left and right sides announces the result that seeks an opinion to collect after day, explain its are lawful gender, effectiveness, whether is the item of clear resolution passed or effective.

(6) owner congress preparatory group with respect to resolution item carry out and handle make a specification.

2, the owner detailed list that comes according to hair of 4 property company confirms owner identity; Owner is in first the voting authority on owner congress conference, the square metre of the housing area that has by its counts computation, every 1 square metre plan for 1 ticket, the part that is not worth 1 square metre does not grant to calculate, affirmatory owner is in first the voting authority number on owner congress conference.

Congress of some village owner prepares Shenzhen group
On July 30, 2004