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The 8.1 standards that how make good owner plenary meeting work

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(10) because old cannot attend owner congress meeting,owner is represented, the owner that its represent is OK and additional an owner delegate attends choose.
(11) owner congress makes a decision, must via attending the meeting owner place holds voting advantageous position 2 above of 1 / are passed.
(12) owner congress is made make and revise rules of procedure of congress of owner convention, owner, anthology hire, capital of company of dismiss property management, special maintenance is used, the decision that add plans program, what must hold voting advantageous position via all owner inside property management section 3 above pass 2 / .
(13) owner congress conference ought to make written record by owner committee and file.
(14) the decision that owner congress makes manages all owner inside area to have sanction to property.
(15) the decision of owner congress ought to be with written form inside property management section seasonable announcement.