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The 8.1 standards that how make good owner plenary meeting work

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Owner congress rules of procedure ought to the means of discuss official business with respect to owner congress, vote voting authority decides abundant of program, course of study the item such as the composition of committee of method, owner and commissarial tenure of office makes an agreement lawfully.
(2) election, change owner committee committee member, the job of supervisory owner committee.
(3) anthology hire, dismiss property runs a company.
(4) decide special maintenance capital is used, add plans program, supervise carry out.
(5) make, the property inside section of modification property management is common place and common of facilities facilities use, public order and environment are healthy maintain the regulations system that waits for a respect.
(6) law, code or the obligation that the other concerned property that owner congress rules of procedure sets manages.

   3, the requirement of owner congress conference

(One) cent of owner congress conference is mixed for regular meeting temporarily the conference.
(2) owner plenary meeting is regular the conference ought to stipulate according to thing of owner big conference by committee of abundant of course of study the organization is held regularly.
(3) have one of following cases, owner committee ought to organize call together in time to open owner plenary meeting temporarily the conference:
1. Owner of 20 % above offers;
2. Produce grave accident or emergencies needs to be handled in time;
3. Owner congress rules of procedure or the other condition that owner convention sets.

Happen ought to hold owner plenary meeting temporarily the circumstance of the conference, owner committee nonperformance organizes duty of to sit a meeting, administration of estate of government of people of area, county is in charge of a branch to ought to instruct owner committee within a definite time to hold.
(4) owner committee ought to be held in owner congress conference 15 the meeting the announcement reached concerned material to be with written form inside property management section a few days ago announcement.
(5) the owner congress conference of residential village, ought to tell relevant resident committee member at the same time.
(6) owner cannot attend owner congress meeting because of reason, OK and written attorney attends.
(7) the form that owner congress conference can use collective discussion, also can use written the form that seeks an opinion; But ought to have / of L of the hold inside property management section the owner of 2 above voting authority attends.
(8) number of the owner inside property management section is more, can, unit, floor for the unit, an owner delegate attends choose owner congress conference.
(9) choose owner delegate attends owner congress meeting, owner is represented ought to at attending owner congress meeting 3 a few days ago, the item that with respect to owner congress meeting secrete drafts to discuss is written the owner opinion that seeks its place representing. Every needs to decide by ballot, the approve of of owner, object reaching unpolled after number of particular bank note signs via oneself, mirror according to the facts when owner congress is voting by owner delegate.
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