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The 8.1 standards that how make good owner plenary meeting work

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4. Define the idea that candidate of owner committee committee member generates and list;
5. Had done hold first the other preparation of owner congress conference works.
Above L, 2, 3, 4 content ought to be in first owner congress conference is held 15 it is with written form at present inside property management section announcement.
(5) owner is in first the voting authority number on owner congress conference. First the affirmatory each district that the voting authority on owner congress conference counts is differ. Generally speaking, housing area size polls decision owner how many of authority. If some places set, owner is in first the voting authority on owner congress conference, according to consideration of had property floor area, every 1 square metre plan for base of voting authority computation, the people's air defense inside section of residential property management, stop the sky below garage and other places to ask to be not calculated voting authority. That is to say the area of the house is larger, voting power is more, and the voting kind that resembles taking a 1 bank note in that way before no longer.
(6) the guidance of branch of director of administration of estate of government of people of the area of seat of 30 days of immanent property since the day that preparatory group ought to form oneself, county is predicted, constituent owner is held first owner congress conference, and the election generates owner commission.
(7) because property manages the reason such as area happening change to cause owner mass rally,disband, before disband, owner congress ought to be in branch of director of administration of estate of government of people of area, county and street agency (government of people of villages and towns) guidance is supervised below, become good owner common property liquidates the job.
(8) congress of abundant of course of study ought to fulfil obligation lawfully, must not make the decision that has nothing to do with property management, must not undertake the activity that has nothing to do with property management.
(9) the funds that owner congress begins the work is assumed by all owner; Of funds raise money, management and make appliance body is set by owner congress rules of procedure. The use circumstance of funds of owner congress job ought to be with written form regularly inside property management section announcement, accept the ask for an explanation of abundant of course of study.
(10) the provision that the seal according to of owner congress and owner committee concerns legal laws and regulations and owner congress rules of procedure is engraved make, use, management. Disobey seal to use a provision, cause pecuniary loss of bad perhaps influence, assume corresponding responsibility by responsibility person.

  2, the duty of owner congress

(One) make, modification owner convention and owner congress rules of procedure.
Owner convention ought to is opposite the use of concerned property, safeguard, management, the common interest of owner, what owner ought to fulfill is compulsory, the item such as the duty that violates convention to ought to be assumed makes an agreement lawfully. Owner convention has sanction to all owner.
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