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The 8.1 standards that how make good owner plenary meeting work

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Owner is right administrative power of oneself house property exercise, formed the concept of property management, but the house property as a result of owner is mutual correlation, many place are belonged to have jointly, accordingly, owner should not be individual action to the administrative power of house property, and should be group action. This rises with respect to requirement owner organization, establish owner plenary session (or call congress of property right person) . Owner congress should not understand a kind of when be owner simple party, it is an organization of owner actually, the concentration that its right is owner right is behaved. The legitimate rights and interests in owner congress should be represented and safeguarding all owner inside property management section to run an activity in property.

Of normative owner congress run, doing corresponding work is the main base that property management develops effectively. The standard of owner congress involves following serious problems.

   One, the concerned requirement that establishs owner plenary session

(One) section of a property management can establish an owner plenary session only. Owner congress manages all owner inside area to comprise by property. Owner congress confesses his crime hold water since the day that conference of second owner congress holds. First the conditional each district that owner congress holds is endless and same. If some places set, enter those who lead more than 50 % or enter rate inadequacy 50 % but enter first times full already property management section of two years, ought to hold first owner congress; And some places set, public housing sells the property that leads more than 50 % manages area, ought to organize as soon as possible hold first owner congress.
(2) have an owner only, or owner number is less and agree via all owner, the decision does not establish owner plenary session, fulfil obligation of committee of owner congress, owner jointly by owner.
(3) owner prepares those who establish owner plenary session, ought to be in branch of director of administration of estate of government of people of the area of property seat, county and street agency (government of people of villages and towns) below guidance, by unit of owner delegate, construction (include public housing to sell an unit) preparatory group of compositive owner congress () of preparatory group of the following abbreviation, responsible owner congress arranges the job. After list of preparatory team member is definite, the announcement inside area manages in property with written form.
(4) preparatory group ought to have done following preparatory work:
1. Affirmatory first the time that owner congress conference holds, place, form and content;
2. Consult the demonstrative text of formulate of governmental director branch, protocol " owner congress rules of procedure " (draft) and " owner convention " (draft) ;
3. Confirm owner identity, affirmatory owner is in first the voting authority number on owner congress conference;
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