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Lin Yicun management is in 8.11 Shenzhen plum to supplement each other with owne

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Be in property village, the carry consummate result of owner committee, to property management the fact of the target is having very important sense. For this, office of Lin Yicun government is opposite the plum of committee of owner of plum Lin Yicun hold water and run take seriously very, often communicate actively with owner committee, to owner committee run undertake support and introductory, arouse the working enthusiasm of owner committee already, develop what management is in to specialization again administrative function, make both is accomplished supplement each other, promote each other, mutual support. Make of owner committee run the experience that gained a few successes.

1. Hold water lawfully, the standard is run

Plum Lin Yicun is village of house of the large welfare room that develops build by bureau of Shenzhen town house, small profit room, cent period builds, mutual and multilayer 65, in high level 25, high level 6 in all 96 Lou Yu, village residence 6840, living population is close 40 thousand.

Be aimed at Mei Lin one village village is old, owner reachs the characteristic that owner congress holds hard more, manage those who handle pair of owner commission to plan, of the commendation of owner committee candidate and announcement, vote extend with reclaim, the statistic of vote and supervise had careful consideration etc, strict according to " Shenzhen special economic zone is uptown property regulation " concerned requirement, through announcement, democracy a series of legal processes such as voting, supervisory election established plum Lin Yicun first owner committee.

Be normative owner committee run, after owner committee holds water, made " owner commission rules " , " owner committee: Working system " , " duty of post of owner committee committee member " wait for a series of regulations and regulations, made clear the right of owner committee and obligation, set the working duty of owner committee and working program, normative the post of owner committee committee member and duty.

2. Mutual support, benign and interactive

Work to make owner committee is begun effectively, management is in try every means to begin the job to offer advantage for them, administrative office established owner council office technically to provide corresponding establishment, facility, begin working place to owner committee must a few information and data, administrative office also gives as far as possible offer. To a few major problems of the village, administrative office invites owner committee actively to participate in discuss and decision-making, in order to gain the support of owner committee. Last year in May, because 12 areas resident reflects the ventilated problem of this area, lin Yicun management was in the plum to report this case to owner committee instantly, invite owner committee and 12 areas Lou Changshao to open the meeting, delibrate settles sound strategy. This the success of the conference is held, pull further close committee of resident, owner, management is in 3 person the relation between. Last year June, because side waits for plum forest park on the west,build a project to cause the intense echo of a lot of resident, some resident prepare to take ultra action even, in order to show protest. After administrative office wins this case, talk things over with owner committee instantly, report this one emergency in time about the branch to city, had done to resident wholeheartedly explain and communicate, pacify resident mood, stabilize tight situation, make a got-up affair is able to control, avoided serious consequence to happen.
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