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7.12 property management serve a risk to be on guard case is analysed 6

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Some office building manages a company to offer property management to serve by A property, the edifice agrees to provide cooling water of central air conditioning, interface comes inside owner house, the air conditioning equipment inside the building is bought by owner proper motion and install. B company because air conditioning is slack, bring about water is drunk inside adjoining building, the partial equipment of owner C company and goods are damaged, caused certain pecuniary loss. After accident happening, a company cooperates owner to undertake trouble spot is handled above all, reduce a loss. Detect to special type equipment at the same time the account that files appraisal accident to happen, because B company is in inside installation building when air conditioning,appraisal conclusion is, screw loosens to bring about cooling water leakage. Be based on afore-mentioned circumstances, c company puts forward to compensate for to B company, a company serves as in ask a person, undertake intercessory, signed tripartite agreement finally, be opposite jointly by A company and B company the loss of C company undertakes compensatory, a company thinks he does not answer to assume responsibility and go back on his word after, c company is sued to the court. Because A company already signed an agreement to be willing to assume liability to pay compensation, should make compensation lawfully.

Brief analysis:

When safe accident happens, above all the obligation of property management company is to assist owner to handle the spot instantly, reduce a loss, the account that should apply for to happen to the accident about the branch at the same time has identification, this appraisal conclusion will be the basis that holds each responsibility later, also be the ground that the court holds fault in lawsuit. In afore-mentioned dispute, the practice of A company and processing measure are correct, but in negotiating pecuniary loss to compensate for a process when B company and C company, did not distinguish each legal position of square main body, a company assumed the responsibility that should not assume. B company is the droit person of air conditioning equipment, also be the administrative responsibility person of this equipment, the loss that because equipment is caused,is opposite assumes liability to pay compensation lawfully. Appraisal conclusion has proved responsibility is in B company, the fact is clear, fault also is clear. Because A company is right,legal faintness caused not due loss.