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The program that 8.5 owner committee establishs (some village operates Shenzhen

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  5, application registers owner committee

The day that owner committee produces in vain rises 15 days inside, hold following file to be in charge of a branch to apply for to deal with to place area or administration of estate of prefectural town class put on record the formalities that register:
(One) owner committee registers application form;
(2) proof of street agency approve;
(3) owner committee vote; .
(4) owner represents vote;
(5) owner accredit a power of attorney:
(6) owner congress or watch of owner congress sign in;
(7) owner commission rules;
(8) owner convention; ,
(7) other and relevant data.

6, approve give an official

Area or examine and verify of classics of service of real-estate of prefectural town class, give owner committee opinion of written give an official. Owner committee by batch civil deal with to door of the Ministry of Public Security quarter formulate official seal procedures, declare official seal style area or service of real-estate of prefectural town class and street agency to put on record.