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The program that 8.5 owner committee establishs (some village operates Shenzhen

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One, offer application

Property management village (edifice) accord with one of following cases, owner 5 people above is cosignatory but to this village (edifice) the street agency of the place (or town people government, similarly hereinafter) written offer application, fill in a form and submit it to the leadership " first owner (delegate) congress preparatory group establishs application form " , establish first owner committee: (One) property already the floor area that consign uses achieves 50 % above; (2) property already the floor area that consign uses achieves 30 % above to be not worth 50 % , but use more than 1 year.

   2, establish preparatory group

After street agency receives application, make opinion of written give an official, directive village (edifice) establish owner committee to prepare a group () of preparatory group of the following abbreviation.

3, preparatory group begins preparatory work

(One) after give an official of preparatory group classics holds water, the material such as address of all owner list that should inform construction unit or property company to master its inside 15 days, connection and its connection phone signs up for street agency; After street agency receives concerned data make afore-mentioned materials inside 5 days grant to prepare a group.
(2) it is good since the day that preparatory group establishs oneself to draft inside 30 days " owner convention " , " owner commission rules " , " method of owner committee vote " , be in a village (edifice) inside clear position paste is announced, seek owner opinion. Preparatory group will " code of owner commission policy publicizes a data " be announced inside propagandist column and extend owner.
(3) preparatory group organizes each to Lou Yu owner passes offer one's services or recommend means to produce owner committee candidate.
(4) preparatory group views plenary meeting of abundant of sample book of pattern of vote of committee of watch of resume of owner committee candidate, owner, course of study Cheng is announced to owner paste, at the same time will " method of owner committee vote " abundant of course of study of written service collectivity.

  4, hold plenary meeting, election committee member

After preparatory group overfulfil works, express owner candidate list and resume, " method of owner committee vote " , " owner commission rules " , " owner convention " service is street agency, put forward to hold the written application of owner congress or owner congress, do good meeting Wu to arrange the job at the same time, include to fulfil field, constituent personnel prints vote, install ballot box, inform all and voting authority of the person, tell the concerned staff such as company of can street agency, police station, development, property company. Preparatory group holds plenary meeting according to agenda: Collect, the vote that register, discuss and vote through " owner commission rules " reach " owner convention " , publish bill of call out the names voted, dot, outcome of read out election, produce owner committee committee member. After the meeting, preparatory group goes to big countersign statistics of outcome of watch, election gives announce.
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